Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wake Up Before It's Too Late!

The United Nations Urges Us to Switch Back to Sustainable, More Organic, Local, Small-scale Farming

Nick Mayer of AltHealthWORKS, writing for Technology Water sums up well the contrary positions of the U.S. government and the United Nations (UN):
Even  as the U.S. government continues to push for the use of more chemically-intensive and corporate-dominated farming methods such as GMOs and monoculture-based crops, the United Nations is once again sounding the alarm about the urgent need to return to (and develop) a more sustainable, natural and organic system.

Are the UN and 60 Experts from Around the World Wrong?

The UN Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) took its stand in the publication Trade and Environment Review 2013: Wake Up Before It's Too Late (

What the UN Calls For

  • Shift to local, small-scale farms
  • Shift to local, small-scale food systems
  • Reduce use of chemical fertilizers
  • Move rapidly from monoculture to diversity in farming


On the Contrary

These pending global trade deals will have just the opposite effects, for they are "primarily designed to strengthen the hold of multinational corporate and financial firms on the global economy". . . instead of "the urgent need for a shift in agriculture":
  • Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • U.S.--EU Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)


Wake Up!


Wake Up!




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