Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taiwan Plans to Tripple Organic Farm Land by 2020

All Children will Savor a Weekly Meal of Organic Vegetables

Taiwan's Council of Agriculture is serious about organic food.  So  that 346,000 elementary-to-high school students may experience one meal featuring organic vegetables each week, the Council plans to triple land used for organic farming.
Achievements in the development of organic farming have already enabled organic farming to expand to 5,930 hectares, up from just 2,356 hectares in 2008.

A 10-Year Policy to Promote and Expand the Supply Chain of Organic Food

According to The China Post (January 1, 2014), the tripling of organic farmland  is part of a 10-year policy to transform the organic food chain.  To promote the growth and sales of organic produce, the Council has set up:
  • 14 "designated areas"
  • 12 farming villages
  • 120 service counters
  • 140 online shops

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