Monday, January 20, 2014

General Mills Dips One Tiny Toe in the Organic Food Field

Behemoth General Mills Publicizes

 Organic Tomatoes in a Can

The massive giant General Mills, sensing the need to "get with it,"  now boasts of offering organic canned tomatoes raised on a tiny plot of land in California.

In the Overall Organic Farming Field, What are 13 Acres?

General Mills recently announced the release of its 2013 Reserve Tomato Harvest, under its Muir Glen brand raised on a 13-acre plot of land on a Muir Glen California farm.

Testing the Organic Cereals Market, Too!

Another example of the giant's toe dipped in the organic food field:  General Mills recently started manufacturing its original Cheerios breakfast cereal--without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), because of growing concerns among consumers and activist groups of artificial ingredients in its food products.

Money More Than Customers' Health Concerns May Motivate General Mills

Stock evaluator Zacks ranks other food companies higher.  They all carry a Zacks rank of #2 (Buy).


Please, General Mills,


Lead the Way


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